Module Based
Tailored to Your Needs

The power of Android

100% Cloud Based SaaS Platform Fully compatible with Android OS

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Invoice, Order, Payment

The sales process provides a number of key informations to sales agents. This information can be used to increase sales, client relationship and order processing

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Inventory Management

Extensive Inventory management module which eliminates errors, improves efficiency and turnaround. Load, unload and transfer items from truck to warehouse

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Route Management Geolocation and Optimization

Create and manage presale, sales and delivery routes for your agents using geolocation or other filters to optimize the routes objectives.

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Statistics and Full Reporting of KPIs

The statistics module provides a set of reports to the sales agent from his terminal and back office as well as extensive KPI analytics to help improve the sales process

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Promotions, Survey and Marketing

Efficient marketing tools like promotions and surveys will guide the sales team to create the best offers tailored for each and every customers

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Your Solution for
Informed & Efficient Agents

Some Advantages of Choosing Taswik

  • Cost Reduction, Increased Performance
  • Improve your client relationship
  • Marketing follow-up, concurance survey
  • Reducing the process between the agent and the backoffice
  • Eliminates errors in the operations flow
  • Real time access to price, stock and routes
Cost Reduction, Increased PerformanceImprove your client relationshipMarketing follow-up, concurance surveyReducing the process between the agent and the backofficeEliminates errors in the operations flowReal time access to price, stock and routes

Advanced features
For an enhanced sales Experience

Always have peace of mind knowing the sales process is ongoing 24/7 without interruption or errors.

User Friendly

Agents will appreciate the ease of use Taswik will provide them. You can say goodbye to old clunky solutions.

Real Time Data Communication

Fast communication between front and backend will keep everyone informed about the current status of operations.

Simple Interface

The easy to navigate interface will provide Agents with a boost in efficiency and reduce the time of the transaction by a large margin.

Secure Monitoring

The 100% cloud based system improves security with real time updates and bulletproof encryption of sensitive data.

Ease of Use &
Modern User Experience

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